Interested in pursuing additional education? Apply for Conexus MedStaff's EARN Scholarship.

The Education Advancement for Registered Nurses (EARN) Scholarship is a nursing scholarship awarded to eligible Conexus nurses biannually. Selected recipients of the scholarship may use the money to advance their clinical knowledge, skills or education to further enhance the level and service of care provided to the healthcare community.

The Award Process

  • Eligible Conexus nurses can submit applications for consideration twice a year. The 2024 deadlines are May 1 and October 1.
  • To apply, please fill out the below form, remembering to upload two letters of recommendation from members of the hospital management team at your assigned healthcare facility.
  • Award recipients will be notified and announced mid-May and mid-October.


You are eligible to apply for the EARN Scholarship if...

  • You have completed 2,500 hours with Conexus MedStaff by the date of the application submission.
  • Your employment status is in good standing with both Conexus MedStaff and your assigned healthcare facility.
  • Your credentials, yearly evaluations and required trainings are up to date.
  • You have not received any final write ups or disciplinary concerns throughout the duration of your Conexus assignment.
  • You work full-time hours, or a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Use the below form to submit an application for consideration for the next award date in May 2024.

EARN Scholarship Submission

We are proud to partner with you on your nursing journey and encourage all eligible Conexus nurses to apply.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Engagement Manager.