Registered Nurse Recruiting and Workforce Solutions for Acute, Post-Acute, Long-Term Care Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare providers nationwide partner with Conexus MedStaff to find experienced international and U.S. registered nurses to add to their nursing team. As a nurse recruitment partner to hundreds of facilities in 30+ states, our clients partner with us to find long-term nurse staffing solutions. The Conexus team consists of expert recruiters, immigration specialists, and local managers throughout a nurse's assignment.

Benefits of Partnering with Conexus MedStaff

For all healthcare organizations - hospitals, long-term care, post-acute care, and family offices - we can guide and supplement your nurse recruitment efforts to add quality, long-term nurses to your team.

  • Improve nurse retention rates.
  • Diversify your staffing model.
  • A simple and straightforward pricing model, saving at least 20% on bill rates vs. other models.
  • Supplement clinical education given to nurses for free prior to arrival and throughout the nurse contract.

Partnering to Solve for Nurse Recruitment Challenges

The Conexus MedStaff team knows the challenges today's healthcare providers face. Budgets, quality of care, and retention of staff are only the beginning, but we work with clients to help solve their challenges.

  • Population Growth: The U.S. population will rise to over 400 million people by 2050.
  • Aging Nurses: The median age of today's nurse is 51.
  • Recruitment Struggles: There's a reduced funnel of new domestic students taking up nursing as a career.
  • Nursing Shortage: Nearly a quarter million nurses are needed in the next decade.

Our quality nurses ensure facilities and healthcare organizations improve the delivery of quality care at a cost-effective price. It's part of our commitment to helping your organization get back to doing what it does best - providing quality patient care.

More Than a Recruiter.

Conexus MedStaff recruits and hires experienced nursing talent for hospitals and long-term care facilities. With offices in the U.S., and around the world in the UK and the Philippines, we match experienced international nurses and new international student graduates who are passionate to deliver best practice care in the U.S. and become a part of the community, with attention, support and education provided to each and every nurse throughout their contract with you to ensure their success and yours.